How to become a Netflix customer

One of my most common gripes is that content producers make it so difficult for you to actually pay them money for their content. They use geo-blocking to stop you paying them money for their content – and then wonder why so many people resort to file-sharing.

You used to have to be a bit of a technical guru to get around geo-blocking and the like, but for those who want to pay for their content, it is now a lot easier.

House of Cards Season 2 has just come out of . All 13 episodes. They look just as great as the first season. So if you want to legally view Season 2, here’s how.

  1. Go to Hola
  2. Install the plugin for your browser
  3. Click on the Netflix site and change your country to US
  4. Sign up for Netflix (US$7.99 a month)
  5. Add a zero onto your credit card zip code so it is a five digit code like the US, but so that your credit card company still counts it as a match
  6. Start viewing

Ridiculous that you have to jump through such hoops to force someone to take your money.

It will take a decade or so, but eventually almost all content will be made available in all countries on the day of release.

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