A strong candidate for Banks Peninsula

June 13th, 2014 at 11:55 am by David Farrar

National has announced:

The National Party has selected local businessman and iwi leader as its Port Hills candidate for the 2014 General Election. …
Mr Korako is of Ngai Tahu descent. He is married to Chris and is a father of four sons.
He balances the running of his own tourism consultancy with a range of community and iwi commitments.
Mr Korako currently sits on the Board of Cholmonderley Children’s Home and the Cholmonderley New Building Komiti, and sits on the Environmental Trust, Te Ihutai Ahuwhenua Trust, and the Torotoroa Trust.
His tribal commitments include the Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu Board (Tribal Governance Arm) and the Ngai Tahu Holdings Corporation Board (Tribal Commercial Arm).

A strong background in business, tourism, his Iwi and the environment. In fact he is a trustee of the Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Environmental Trust.

11 Responses to “A strong candidate for Banks Peninsula”

  1. Manolo (22,069 comments) says:

    @DPF, on a related vein, you should dedicate a note to Brett Hudson, deserving National Party candidate for Ohariu, who should the next MP to take the seat, instead of the leaky and infatuated fantasist Dunne.

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  2. john (71 comments) says:

    A great choice for that electorate. As stated above his business and community interests show the leadership he can and will bring to the table aided by the ease with which he communicates and cuts through the social divide.

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  3. smttc (826 comments) says:

    Get rid of the Maori seats. There are plenty of Maori in parliament and more than enough avenues for them to gain representation via the general electorate.

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  4. smttc (826 comments) says:

    Would love to see that awful Ruth Dyson given her marching orders. Is she an ABC?

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  5. jhanet (11 comments) says:

    Considering he couldn’t even get elected to council in this area last time, hopefully this means voters in this area will see sense and keep on the incredibly hard-working and tireless Ruth Dyson rather than a washed up local government failure – she has done so much for the area and her office has been great, particularly post-earthquake.

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  6. rouppe (1,236 comments) says:

    Mr Korako currently sits on the… Cholmonderley New Building Komiti

    I get ticked off when I see words like Komiti. It is just pidgin English for committee, to make it sound more Maori.

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  7. Chuck Bird (6,593 comments) says:

    National demonstrates again that Maori do not need special seats. They must need a coalition partner to give them a reason to hold a referendum. It does not look like ACT or UF will do so.

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  8. igm (2,477 comments) says:

    A real man, a real wife, a real family, and self-sufficient . . . definitely not a leeching rainbow room aspirant. Take a look Labour/Greens, there are still real people out there!

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  9. dirty harry (738 comments) says:

    I met him in Akaroa once when he was campaigning for something over there…nice guy , very engaging.

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  10. Jack5 (9,305 comments) says:

    Sounds like not a bad bloke, but a consultant? We have PR’s, consultants, strategists, lobbyists, and ex Parliamentary staffers frothing out the doors of Parliament. Is NZ some sort of secular theocracy with Parliament the temple?

    Never mind, being from Ngai Tahu, perhaps Korako can explain to Port Hills general electorate tradies and other small business folk how they might turn themselves into charitable trusts and avoid company tax.

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  11. JerJer (9 comments) says:

    Wife is nice, but he is not. Would like National to win the seat, but not with that guy.

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