Cunliffe does a u-turn

Brook Sabin at 3 News reports:

Labour leader David Cunliffe has had to perform a U-turn after this morning announcing Labour was against oil exploration in the Maui’s dolphin mammal sanctuary, when it actually approves.

National has jumped on the gaffe, saying Labour is hypocritical because it allowed 13 wells to be drilled in the area.

The Government has opened up 3000 square kilometres of a marine mammal sanctuary for oil exploration on the North Island’s west coast – home to the Maui’s dolphin. The Green Party obtained documents revealing that last week.

This morning Labour came out opposed, aligning itself with the Greens.

“I don’t see any need for the exploration permits to overlap the sanctuary, so yes, I’m opposed to that,” said Mr Cunliffe.

But this afternoon saw a U-turn from Labour, because the last Labour Government approved 13 wells to be drilled in the area.

But it turns out Mr Cunliffe is open to exploration in the dolphins’ home if “done responsibly”.

So Labour were for it, then against it, and now for it again so long as it is done responsibly.

I’m really looking forward to the next round of public polls!

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