How about tax cuts Treasury, instead of jam jars?

Vernon Small at Stuff reports:

is working on a radical plan to set up a new “jam jar” fund to hold extra tax revenue to smooth income variations.

It says the “stabilisation fund” could operate as a stand-alone agency and be put in place if further debt repayment became politically unpalatable.

The fund was one of three options outlined in a pre-Budget Treasury document late last year and released yesterday.

It said there were three broad, but not mutually exclusive, options for so-called “revenue surprises”.

They were to pay down debt, commit it to “one or more existing funds (or ‘jam jars’), and create a new form of fund or jam jar (eg a stabilisation fund)”.

I’m very disappointed that Treasury did not look at a fourth option for revenue surprises. That is .

If the Government has more revenue than it expected, then why not allow hard working taxpayers to keep more of their income?

One could have a policy that any funds, greater than forecast in the last Budget, be refunded to taxpayers at year end.

So if the surplus projection was say $2.1 billion and the actual surplus turned out to be $2.9 billion, then the $800 million extra gets refunded proportionally to taxpayers.


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