Our foreign policy is so independent not even the Government controls it!

NZ likes to say we have an independent foreign policy. The last few days have made it look like foreign policy is so independent, it is even independent of the NZ Government!

It’s almost like an episode of Yes Minister. The official letter says we want him extradited, but then some diplomats say “Don’t worry about the letter, it is just pro forma”.

Fortunately for the victim of the attack, the diplomat who was changed is now being returned to New Zealand to face charges. Kudos to the Malaysian Government for this decision.

Allen himself was told nothing about the incident until last Friday, which he said was created by Mfat’s strategy of ‘‘compartmentalising’’ information to limit its spread. He said he should have been told and that Mfat’s communications policy would form part of an independent review.

This is why MFAT needs a shake up. Some sections think they are a law amongst themselves. You don’t compartmentalise information away from the Chief Executive.

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