Greens forgot to fill in the blanks!

This was in a Green party press release put out this week:

Treasury’s pre-election update today shows net Government debt will be substantially higher than forecast just three months ago, demonstrating what poor economic managers National, the Green Party said today.

“National like to paint themselves as a safe pair of hands on economic management, but Treasury figures show that net debt is projected to be $3 billion higher in 2018 than projected in the May budget,” Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman said.

“That equates at $663 per New Zealander. In six years of National management, net debt per person has risen to $xxx, from $xx.

This tells us two things. The first is that the wrote their release before they even knew what the figures said. The second is that they managed to send a press release out without sticking in the actual data.

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