So what was this accident?

Stuff reports:

Homicide detectives probing the death of baby Ihaka Stokes have interviewed at least 42 people as his aunty claims the death was a “terrible tragic accident”.

Police have spent 11 days investigating the 14-month-old’s death after he was taken to Christchurch Hospital with what they said were multiple blunt force fractures inflicted in a violent attack.

Family and friends farewelled Ihaka at an emotional funeral on Friday.

The following day, Marrisa Hunton, Ihaka’s aunty and the sister of his heavily pregnant mother Mikala Stokes, saidIhaka’s death was an accident.

“This little boy was not murdered he died in a terrible tragic accident,” Hunton wrote on Facebook.

So what was this freak accident that inflicted multiple fractures?

She went on to say the media were “out for a story” and did not care how it was portrayed “as long as it gains attention”.

“The important thing is that the family knows the truth.”

I’d say the important thing would have been keeping Ihaka alive and healthy.

UPDATE: Someone has been arrested for this “accident”. Good.

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