Hosking on Labour’s dreams


Actually that’s not entirely fair. When I say “tried” the no-nonsense, no crap approach is very much in keeping with Mr Little’s personality – far more so than silly talk about “dreams.”

Unfortunately the leader did not stick to this approach.

It signals a deeper problem – one of many – within Labour. And this shows the party cannot stick to any one strategy for more than about 72 hours or so, maybe a few weeks at a time. When it doesn’t immediately reap results – that is, it doesn’t produce anything in the next batch of polls – the party seems to drop whatever it is doing and try something else.

At best, this shows a lack of clear long-term thinking. But it does seem to betoken something much more deeply problematic, and that is the party simply doesn’t know what it is there for any more.

They stand for unions I’d say.

It’s in favour of free trade until the government gets a free-trade deal. It’s in favour of a flag change until the government tries to reflect change.

And so on.

Opposition is good when you honestly think the Government is wrong, but in neither of these cases they do.

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