Gove out

Stuff reports:

Interior minister Theresa May and eurosceptic rival Andrea Leadsom emerged on Thursday (Friday NZ Time) as the two candidates who will battle to become Britain’s next prime minister and lead the country out of the European Union.

May won 199 votes and Leadsom 84 in a second ballot of lawmakers of the governing Conservative party. Justice Secretary Michael Gove took just 46 votes and was eliminated from the race.

Around 150,000 grassroots Conservatives across the country will now vote to decide whether May or Leadsom becomes Britain’s first woman prime minister since Margaret Thatcher was forced from office in 1990.

Boris will be celebrating that Judas is out.

Interesting that both of the UK’s female Prime Ministers will have come from the Conservative Party. May be a long time until UK Labour has a female leader let alone Prime Minister.

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