Kiwis views on Cannabis

The Herald reports on polling done for the NZ Drug Foundation (by Curia) to ascertain NZer’s views on .


So there was strong opposition to people being able to sell in a store or grow to give or sell to friends.

There was majority support for legalising or decriminalising growing or possessing for personal use – around 52% for personal growing and 63% for personal possession. Those in favour of a law change are split around 50/50 between full legalisation and decriminalisation.

When it comes to medical use of cannabis, there is massive support for legalisation or decriminalisation. 79% support for pain relief and 82% for treatment for people with terminal illness.

What I found interesting is that National supporters also favour law changes with a majority wanting a change with regards to personal possession, pain relief and for people with terminal illnesses.

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