Yes Australia is purifying itself – of criminals

The Herald reports:

The detention of Kiwis living in could be part of a push to “purify” the country, Labour’s Corrections spokesman Kelvin Davis says.

Davis has hit out after new figures show the number of New Zealanders held in detention centres like that on Christmas Island at 199.

There are a total of 1577 people held, including 175 Iranians held, and 142 from Vietnam.

Davis questioned why many of the New Zealanders had to be locked up while they appealed their visa cancellation, and said it could be a policy to “purify” Australia.

“They are cleansing themselves of undesirables, even if those people have been born in Australia.”

Yes they are. If you are not an Australian citizen and you are convicted of a crime, you get deported. The way to avoid this is not to commit a crime, and not join a gang.

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