Go Goff

The Herald reports:

Auckland Mayor has revealed his role in scuppering ratepayer funding for the Joseph Parker heavyweight title fight.

Goff told media today that he let the council’s events arm know that unless there was a business case justifying an investment by the ratepayer “then it ought not to happen”.

“In the end there wasn’t such a business case that would justify the expenditure of ratepayer money,” said Goff, who met with Ateed on two occasions before it made the decision to withdrew support for the fight.

“I carried out my responsibility as the elected representative of the people of Auckland to ensure their ratepayer money is spent properly,” said Goff, a boxing fan who attended the last two Parker fights.

Excellent leadership from Goff.

He didn’t say yes or no on a whim. He just said he would not support funding unless there was a business case to justify it.

What should be alarming is that it appear Ateed was running out with the chequebook just on the basis of excitement they could be involved. They should not be funding anything significant (say over $50,000) without a full business case.

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