Greens fail to ban rodeos

The Herald reports:

The more than 35 held in New Zealand each year shouldn’t be banned, a Parliamentary committee has concluded – a finding criticised by the Green Party. …

However, a report on the petition by Parliament’s primary production committee concludes there are adequate animal welfare safeguards.

The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) in October 2014 concluded a lengthy review of the 2003 code of animal welfare, which called for a ban on sheep riding at rodeos and made attendance by a vet and safety officer compulsory.

“NAWAC also noted that there was considerable debate on the question of calf roping in rodeos. It concluded that no harm is done to the calf, provided that the calf is not pulled over (busted),” the committee’s report states.

A Rodeos Code of Welfare includes requirements such as animals being inspected by a vet before performing, and that they be handled in a way to reduce distress.

The Ministry of Primary Industries has an enforcement role to ensure the welfare code is being met, and told the committee that compliance was sufficient.

Yet another thing the want to ban. Have to add to my very long list.

Rodeos don’t appeal to me but so long as they meet animal welfare standards and people want to go to them, then not for Government to ban them.

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