MP to be prosecuted

The Police have decided to prosecute Taranaki-King Country MP Shane Ardern for disorderly behaviour, after he drove a tractor up the setps of Parliament during the Flatulence Tax protest.

Coming on top of the Police saying they may prosecute Marc Ellis for encouraging streakers, one would think the Police are over staffed and no serious crime to concentrate on. Pity the latest police stats show violent crime significantly increasing. Is it any wonder?

If ever a case deserved a caution at most, this is it. How come Helen Clark gets off her far more serious forgery after the Police find there was a prima facae case, yet this trivia results in prosecution?

Perhaps because she is in Government, and Mr Ardern is not.

Just as the law was changed to protect Labour’s Harry Dynhoven and other unknown MPs from their actions, yet nothing is done to help Nick Smith facing a $100,000 contempt of court battle for trying to help some constituents whose children were stolen from them.

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