Now that was funny

Those who have Sky Digital get to watch question time in the House. It can be very humourous at times. Yesterday was one of those times.

United were being attacked by NZ First for being poodles to the Government (which they are, incidentally), as part of a question to Lianne Dalziel. United’s Gordon Copeland responded by asking the Minister whether it is not correct that many NZers prefer poodles to rottweilers anyway.

This was quite a good response from United so mentally I gave them 6/10.

Quick as a flash Winston was up with a point of order, and informed the House that Mr Copeland being a new MP may be unaware that it is not acceptable to refer to the Minister as a rottweiler.

10/10 – priceless. Everyone from the Speaker to Ms Dalziel cracked up laughing and it took some time before the next question was called.

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