Twice a Judge

I have slightly mixed feelings regarding the standing down of High Court Master Anthony Christiansen following an indecent assault complaint.

Firstly one can only agree with Judith Collins that appointing Christiansen as a High Court Master, after he had resigned as a District Court Judge over an unwanted advance to a female court worker, was extremely unwise. It does not reflect well on the judgement of those who made that decision as you need Judges with basically unblemished records (hence I will never be a Judge!).

My second reaction though is that it appears not to be a “second” incident but the result of a complaint being laid with the Police over the original incident, two years after it happened. It is of course not at all unusual for police complaints to be delayed if nothing was said at the time for reasons of fear etc, but it doesn’t quite sit totally well with me that having complained at the time (as she should have) which lead to his resignation, to them two years later make it a police matter when one could have (and should have been if it was conduct of a criminal nature) complained to the Police at the time.

It is possible that she was angry that after losing his job for his (alleged) behaviour, that a couple of years later he was back in what can be seen as a promotion, and this is the only way to register a protest against it. From that point of view it is not an unreasonable thing to do, and this highlights of course how stupid Margaret Wilson was to appoint him to the High Court after he resigned from the District Court.

I guess we may find out when the issue airs on Sunday on TV One. I’ll be in Rome so won’t see it but will rely on the Internet to get a summary.

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