OSH Madness

Now this is just barking mad. The SST reports that they are banning couches from the due to requirements.

Couches at the basin have been a great tradition, and to claim that suddenly they might hinder egress from the ground, or create a risk is politically correct madness. How the does a small couch on a very big bank block things anymore than all the chairs, and people there. And if couches are likely to self-combust let’s ban them form homes also.

Incidentially I’m pretty sure the Tui couch pictured is one know well and have spent many a Friday night drinking on, in Molesworth Street.

In more madness a kayak race has been hit with the ever growing OSH bureaucracy, as have school camps.

Not long ago saw a family faced prosecution for not getting a building permit for a tree fort!! What is this country that spawned Edmund Hillary coming to.

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