Maori Television

Been watching the new Maori Television channel on Sky 33 most of the day. Congratulations are due to those have worked so hard to make it a reality. It was quite moving to see the passion of many of the staff, and the importance can have to a lot of people.

So far it looks to be pretty well done. I am glad that it make use of sub-titles and have some programmes in English, as it used to annoy me a lot that I could not understand despite wanting to view it.

MTV has had a nightmare establishment phase with two years of delays, fraud, sexual harrassment, cost over-runs etc. Whether or not they survive will depend I suspect on whether they continue to produce a quality product, and avoid the extravagence of Aotearoa TV.

On a related note I am surprised that a TV channel whose purpose is promoting local would use as its domain name instead of say or Incidentially the website isn’t responding at the moment, but that may be a problem at my end.

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