MPs on the Political Compass

No Right Turn has posted a copy of leading MPs (and a skinhead!) on the political compass. The original comes from DeepRed.

I’m copying it here so my comments can be viewed in context.


Don and Rodney look about right (being the only two in my quadrant, explaining why I support them both). Anderton I believe is actually very authoritarian and should be nearer Turia. I also would question Fitzsimons degree of libertarian as while no doubt very liberal on some issues, she does have a long list of things she thinks the state should ban (science) or censor (not nice things). I also think Tamihere might be in just over on the right hand side also.

But overall a fairly good estimate. I did once at work compile a graph of all the National MPs and staff who sat the test (it was very popular a while back), but I am keeping that secret until my death or my tell all book (which ever comes first 🙂

NRT also compiled back in November the scores of the NZ bloggers. It is fascinating how there are almost no authoritarian bloggers (Gordon take a bow) but that may reflect how Internet users generally are.

I am very proud of my position on the graph below.


There is also a graph of many global bloggers. I am the DF at the bottom right.

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