Reforming Islam

suggested in the enemies of freedom thread that Islam needs a reformation, as did in the 16th century.

Well a Ayaan Hirsi Ali seeks nothing less than the reformation of Islam.

Hirsi Ali is young female African pro free market Dutch MP. Just 12 years ago
“she arrived in Holland as a penniless in 1992 after sneaking across the German border to escape a forced marriage to a Somali kinsman. She did not speak a word of Dutch. Finding as a cleaner, she went on to study political science at Leiden University.”

She already has multiple fatwas against her, for her attacks on Islam as a “as a medieval, misogynist cult incapable of self-criticism and blind to modern science.”

If people think this is insensitive, we should reflect that the Catholic Church has been accused of all this (and some has been true) and worse, but it has been a long time since criticising the Catholic Church was punishable by death.

A incredibly brave and talented woman. To go from broke to a tertiary educated MP in just 12 years is an extraordinary achievement. Wonder if she wants to visit New Zealand?

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