The National Front

I noted on the TVNZ news last night that one of the thugs from the was waving a Free sign. This is pretty much proof positive that some (obviously) not all of the anti Israeli rhetoric is in fact and racism. How sad that some at a anti racism meeting chose to side with Front’s view of Israel.

Obviously not all criticism of Israel is racist. I’ve disagreed with quite a lot of what Sharon has done. But the tendency to demonise Israel as an invalid state does contribute to anti-semitism. And there is a huge lack of understanding about the reality of life for Israel with bombings and the like.

I support a Palestinian state, and I support trading land for peace. In fact so does most of Israel. The rather frustrating thing at the monent is there is no-one to trade with. Arafat is too corrupt.

KiwiJewPundit also noticed the National Front “Free Palestine” banners.

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