Campus of Struggle

Had a nice couple of hours at the book launch of “Campus of Struggle” written by David Cohen, with support from the Education Forum. Forgot my wallet so have yet to buy a copy, but Dr Brash who was guest speaker rated it a good read.

Actually Don was careful to specify that he had not actually yet read every word of it, but had got through most of the chapters. General consensus was that no-one else would admit this when launching it, and that Don is genetically programmed to never tell a lie, despite the best efforts of his staff (just kidding team).

Was nice to catch up with many people I knew there. Rodney and I compared recent overseas trips (damn it, his was better). Was very nice to meet Mr Cohen in person. I couldn’t see Ms Kate Wrath anywhere, even though I was hoping she was the incredibly hot blond, in the cream dress and leather boots.

Someone asked me what my connection was, to get me invited along. I had to admit I had no idea at all but glad I was!

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