Media thin skins

I have observed for some time, that fewer groups have thiner skins that the media, when it comes to criticism of members of their ranks.

In the US, we see this with NBC’s Tom Brokaw defending Dan Rather over the fake memos scandal, by calling critical bloggers part of a “political jihad”. My God, how precious can you get. Pointing out Rather’s life long bias against Republican presidents gets you compared to fanatical suicide bombers and the like. How dare anyone suggest a journalist is not impartial.

Closer to home we have Fran O’Sullivan holding a grudge against poor old Media Cow.

You see Media Cow once labeled an O’Sullivan column as a “bitchy swipe”. The cad, how dare he! This has obviouly grated away at Fran for ages, so she has tried to get her revenge (or jihad as they say in the US) by revealing that Media Cow once said nice things about Deborah Coddington, and also works for Roger Kerr. Oh God, what a scandal – David Young once said something nice about someone (hmmn, come to think of it that might qualify as rare enought to be news worthy 🙂

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