Herald on Sunday

Overall I found the Herald on Sunday a reasonably good read, certainly good enough that I’ll try and get it each week. Mind you I try to read every regular major newspaper in NZ, except for Truth!

Brian Edwards was on radio yesterday saying how terribly disappointed he was in it, as he wanted a more intellectual high quality publication. I think it was somewhat naive to think that in this small market, one was going to have the down under version of the Guardian.

It’s good to have competition for the SST, and I’ll enjoying seeing the respective political editors both compete to not only scoop their daily colleagues, but also each other.

I quite liked the group photo of all the Herald on Sunday staff. Typical of political editor Jonathan Milne to not be wearing a jacket!

I also noted in the photo, their advertising manager. All I can say is I wish I could think up an excuse to book some advertising 🙂

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