The Return Road Trip

I know one should not start with the ending, but it is worthy of the best comedy.

Readers may recall a 1200 km 16 hour return road trip to Hamilton to get Miss Ten‘s bed, Well at 9.30 p.m. we finally got back to Wellington with it in the trailer, having survived numerous mishaps.

Through the front door and up the stairs to find it would not fit. In fact not even close – a minor yet important detail Miss Ten had forgotten to check. There was no way to get it around the bend in the staircase without breaking the laws of physics, or chopping the bed in two with an axe. Ten and I burst into laughter while Ten’s flatmate is thinking that we must be somewhat annoyed to go all that way for nothing. He did not realise the laughter was hysterical, not humourous.

However where there is a will there is a way. We go up to the balcony three floors up and lower down two tow ropes. The tenant in the bottom floor apartment comes out rather disturbed at two ropes hanging outside his window, looking like they are about to be used for a SWAT or Ninja attack. He does not look much happier when told in fact they will be used to tie a bed to, and pull it up swinging past his windows, TV aerials and over his garden shed.

Once ropes are attached around bed legs, myself and one other start hauling it up. Miss Ten is taking photos, but unfortunately they don’t come out. The bed is bloody heavy when hauling it up three levels by rope but eventually we get it up just before my arms fall off, with no damage apart from mild rope burn. Then finally through the balcony double doors into Miss Ten’s bedroom.

We inform Miss Ten that she is never allowed to move out of her flat, unless she leaves her bed behind. I head home to my place for much needed sleep.

The rest of the return trip, starting at the beginning not the end, is below.

I woke up in Hamilton at normal time of 5.30 am and head downstairs to find Miss Ten’s nine year old sister is awake and watching TV. She was asleep when we arrived at midnight so does not know who I am, or that her sister is here. I reassure her I am not a burglar. End up spending next ninety minutes playing games with her, watching Nickelodeon TV and listening to her play the piano! Kids!

Later on I get introduced to Miss Ten’s brother with the description “This is David. We are not sleeping together, so don’t worry”. Brother very friendly after that.

After breakfast we load bed and matress into trailer. Then cover with tarpulins and tie down. An early lunch and then hit the road back.

We make it 200 metres down the road and realise tarpulin has turned into a parachute as wind gets under it. This is rather disconcerting so we stop and use some extra rope to try and cover all flaps.

As we carry on we discover that tarpulin has nasty habit of ripping and starts to come off. Eventually decide to remove tarpulin. Then later on Murphy’s law and it starts to rain so back on it goes with enough rope to keep Madonna happy. Problem is the plastic sheets do not have proper ringlets for ropes and keeps fraying. At Taupo we solve problem by buying musking tape and tape it down. This works perfectly.

Journey home is safer as I refuse to let Miss Ten have her cellphone while driving. It is true that she can type a lengthy text message, while driving, without once looking down, but I convince her that it is not a good look for someone on a restricted licence.

After having gone through a couple of dozen music CDs, we listen and sing along to two CDs full of Christmas songs, despite it being Halloween!

All the nice restaurants in Horowhenua and Kapita are closed, so we grab dinner at Fisherman’s Table at Paakakariki. We have an outside table and get there literally just as the sun sets. Very very nice. Restaurant review will be blogged sperately.

Then we hit home stretch, and as mentioned above get to Miss Ten’s apartment to find the bed will not fit!

I love trips, when they are totally unplanned and unexpected. Life is often too regimented. An amazingly busy but fun weekend. Highly recommended, but not for those of a nervous disposition.

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