All hinges on Ohio

Bush is 5% ahead in Florida with 91% of precincts counted, so I think it all comes down to Ohio. This may be an election in which no states change hands.

Ohio with 52% of precincts in has Bush 1.506,000 and Kerry 1,393,000 – a 4% lead. Depends which precincts are still to come in.

Florida on 92% has Bush 3,359,000 and Kerry 3,052,000 – no recounts there if that stays.

Blogging this from US Embassy which has huge turnout. Crowd is split 50/50 between Bush and Kerry badge wearers. Some wimps are wearing both. Just been interviewed by Radio NZ on the US political quiz I was filling out to win a prize.

I love elections – especially where I don’t lose my job depending on the result!

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