Obama in the lead

Obama has picked up Vermont (as expected) and is ahead in Texas 54% to 45% with one million votes counted. The exit poll had then almost neck and neck and early returns are not always representative so Obama should hold off the champagne for a bit longer.

UPDATE: 1.3 million votes (14% of precincts) and narrowed to Obama 50%, Clinton 48%. Clinton well ahead in Ohio on 35% of precincts in.

UPDATE2: CNN has called Ohio For Clinton (she has 57% currently) and in Texas she is now ahead by 20,000 votes on 1.5 million votes counted.

UPDATE3: I don’t see Clinton conceding.  Her victory in Ohio is substantial 56% to 42%. And she is now 60,000 votes ahead in Texas with 58% of precincts in. Even if Obama gets more delegates (and there is a legal shit fight brewing over the Texas Caucuses) there is a feeling that just having a lead in the pledged delgates may not be enough to claim a moral victory and get the super delegates falling in behind you. The number of actual votes received seems to be getting more and more support (but not a consensus) as perhaps the best indicator of “moral victory”. But then you have issues like do you include Florida or even allow Florida to vote again?

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