Life with no parole

National at the last election pledged to bring in life with no parole for the very worst murders.

Ahmad Riyaz Khan would seem to be a prime example of the sort of murder that should see him locked away forever.

I don’t want this guy out on parole at age 42. He has shown absolutely no remorse. He went down to the service station, dragged by her hair the poor girl, who briefly dated him, and then poured a entire bottle of lighter fluid over her. Finally he set her alight.

There must be few more horrible or terrifying ways to die. Quite simply if someone did that to someone I loved, I would want them dead, and would happily help the process along.

Her family should never ever have to cope with the possibility of having this killer appear before the Parole Board, thus re-inflicting on them the trauma of reliving the murder through the media coverage of whether he will be released.

I do not advocate life without parole for all murders. But I do for this one.

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