A damn good party

National had their year end caucus party last night and as always it was a great event. There were a huge number of former staff there and I actually ran out of time to catch up to everyone. Most of the old team from when we were in Government last were there.

It is of course Chatham House rules but within that I can share some experiences as most of them just make me look foolish:

* Had an ACT person ask me if the girl I was talking to was:
a) my wife
b) my daughter
c) my colleague
d) an employee of mine
e) a friend

I responded three out of five were correct, without specifiying which three!

* Strong rumour about a change of job for a former colleague, which has been confirmed and should be public soon.

* Was asked to do a quick tour of Parliament for someone who had not seen it before. Did not let the fact I no longer work there get in the way and borrowed a swipe card. Got nervous when a security guard asked us to stop, but in fact the only issue was my tourist was walking around in bare feet and had to put her heels back on. She also set a record by being the only person in the last ten years (and I have done many tours) who correctly identified the montrosity of a scuplture on the ground floor as representing essence of women, rather than a dinosaur tooth wich most take it to be. Turns out art history is good for something after all!

* Had many many people mention my blog to me, all claiming to love it and read it regularly. Funniest comment was one person saying they thought Miss Ten was beautiful and would love to meet her, and me pointing out that she actually works for him!!! He had been on a leave of absence and the change in hair colour had confused him.

* Just as I did last time, I did a case of mistaken identity and with the same person!! But in reality I didn’t. This time I did know who she was, but she thought I was still confusing her with someone else, and then I thought I was also because of what she had said, until I finally realised I wasn’t. End result is I looked like an absolute dick and seem to have a genetic disability that makes me act retarded in front of pretty blond women.

* Reached agreement with former colleagues that the men’s caucus mailing list needs to be re-established. Don’t ask if you don’t know what it is. And no Belinda, you still are not allowed to subscribe!

* Tried to congratulate all those MPs who had voted for the CUB, but everytime I was, another MP who had voted against joined us.

* Ran into the (very pleasant and attractive) Dom Post reporter who did the big feature on blogging. Introduced her to all my friends as the reporter who wrote the blog story – am sure in hindsight this is not what she wants her career summarised as.

* Rodney complained that my version of the filming in the Backbencher made him look bad. I agreed it does, and that this was preferable to making me look bad. He suggested that as I had asked if the cameras were working I was aware of them. I concede this point.

All in all a really enjoyable night, finished up by a quiet drink at the Backbencher afterwards. Glad they are only every six months, as free alcohol is not good on a regular basis!

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