Choice or Nature

I see Paul Adams has said “The ‘homosexual lifestyle’ should not be portrayed as normal to children, he said. “It is not genetic, it is a choice. We were born male and female as far as I am concerned. We are one or the other.”

I’ve always wanted to ask someone saying that, well when did you decide to be heterosexual. Chris Matthews in the US has done just that, asking Jerry Falwell:

MATTHEWS: How old were you when you chose to be heterosexual?
FALWELL: Oh, I don’t remember that.
MATTHEWS: Well, you must, because you say it’s a big decision.
FALWELL: Well, I started dating when I was about 13.
MATTHEWS: And you had to decide between boys and girls. And you chose girls.
FALWELL: I never had to decide. I never thought about it.

Wonkette has more on it. Very very funny.

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