Hubbard: children killing gays

Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard has revealed more of his true colours by writing a letter against the Civil Union Bill, where one of his grounds was that children of gay couples were more likely to be murdered.

Boy am I glad to be in Wellington where our last three Mayors have been tolerant on this issue, representing the city generally. Fran Wilde credentials are well known. Mark Blumsky, as Mayor, was a vice-patron of the local gay business group and Kerry Prendergast is going to be a celebrant of civil unions.

And in Auckland – the city meant to be even more socially liberal than Wellington, they have managed to replace John Banks as Mayor with possibly one of the few men even more conserative on moral issues. Jesus at this rate they’ll be electing Brian Tamaki in 2007.

UPDATE: Nick Venter in the Dominion Post highlights this is a broken promise also., having said before his election “I have no problem with the Civil Union Bill.”. Yeah no problems with it, except that those nasty gays will murder their children. What a plonker. He has just become a one term Mayor I predict.

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