CUB Opposition

This story by Ruth Berry in the NZ Herald touches on a few issues, I mentioned yesterday.

It was hilarious when the CUB supporters played the song Chapel of Love.

” … we’re going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married … ”

The look on some faces – pricesless.

The Herald highlight how contradictory the opposition to CUB was. Half the MPs said the bill was gay marriage while half condemned because it was not. Even within the same party with Winston Peters saying it was not and Dail Jones saying it effectively was.

They have also confirmed the impression I gained on Wednesday night that the comments by some opponents were so horrifying other MPs, it came really really close to tipping a bunch of them into voting in favour.

Hopefully this may be a lesson to people the next time there is an issue like that. The tactics of extremism backfire and repulse. In fact many people at the CUB victory party thanked Brian Tamaki for doing so much to help get the bill passed – and they were serious.

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