Oh dear

After movies I popped into the Backbencher to have a drink with Mr Carver and Miss Ten. Soon thereafter Rodney Hide turns up with some companions.

Rodney invites us to join him, recognising Miss Ten from my blog photos (heh heh), and pretty soon starts stirring by asking me how happy I am about National now backing the Cullen Fund etc. Also insists I tell stories of biggest stuffups in politics I have been involved in (I have many to choose from!). As I am just having a quiet drink amongst friends, I oblige.

Around halfway through I note that Rodney’s companions are filming us on handheld cameras. They explain they are doing a documentary on a day in the life of an MP. Oh dear. Oh shit.

I quickly explain that hey even Sir Keith Holoyoake was on record as saying he only agreed with 80% of what his party did, and he was Prime Minister for 12 years. Have a sinking feeling that this is not the footage they may use.

So in advance I wish to state for the record, that if I should appear on television at any stage, saying anything at all, that:

a) It is quoted out of context
b) I may have been drunk
c) You can’t prove it was not a body double
d) It was a plot of Rodney’s to lead me over to the dark side
e) I was joking
f) I normally lead a life of blameless excellence
g) All of the above

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