The $800,000 women

Every man and their dog seems to have an opinion on whether Judy Bailey should be getting $800,000.

If TVNZ was a private company I would say it is totally up to them. They know how much money they would lose if they lost her, and presumably pay the amount they figure they need to, in order to maintain ratings and advertising revenue.

But given that St Helen has gone on the record condemning that Paul Holmes was paid around the same level, it is of course fair game to rub her face in this, and ask why after five years the “culture of extravagance” at TVNZ is still there.

In question time a few minutes ago in the house Deborah Coddington made the point that Labour Party President Mike Williams earns almost as much, being paid over $500,000 from having been appointed to eight different boards by the Government. Helen’s catty reply was “yes, but that isn’t for spending four minutes a day on TV”. How correct – it is for running the Labour Party.

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