2008 Republican Presidential Nominee

Right Wing News did a survey of right bloggers to see who their top five and bottom five picks were for the Republican nomination in 2008.

The top 5 were:

5) Newt Gingrich (19.0)
4) Bill Frist (20.0)
3) Jeb Bush (31.0)
2) Rudy Giuliani (39.0)
1) Condoleeza Rice (61.5)

and bottom five:

5) Dick Cheney (21.5)
4) Chuck Hagel (29.0)
3) George Pataki (29.5)
1) Newt Gingrich (39.5)
1) John McCain (39.5)

Now personally I doubt Condi would run. She has never sought elective office before. Rudy will probably run, but he will be bitterly oppossed by the religious right. Jeb Bush has ruled out 2008 so Bill Frist is a real possibility.

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