A sack of mail

I hadn’t cleared the PO Box for a few days so wet down today and had quite a few yellow cards in there saying there were items that could not fit into the PO Box so I went to the counter.

I was staggered when they went out the back and came back with what was literally a sack full of mail for me.

I’d forgotten that when I visited the Cato Institute late last year in Washington DC, I said that I’m always keen to receive literature and that I’m interested in all policy areas.

The sack was full of books, newsletters, DVDs, CDs etc from Cato. Very very cool. I’m just about to start reading Meltdown by Patrick Michaels. Michaels is a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists and writes about the predictable distortion of global warming by scientists, politicians, and the media. Michaels beleives that the earth is warming because of greenhouse gases, but he says that the warming will probably be modest and that nature and humanity will easily adjust to it.

Something to do for the weekend now!

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