Two birthdays and a wedding

Jason and Victoria got married yesterday, in Parliament. Jason is one of Don’s press secretaries and Victoria works for Radio New Zealand (their relationship predates both jobs).

The 31st of December is also Jason’s birthday and the 1st of January is Victoria’s so it was a deliberately timed triple celebration.


The happy bride and groom, and birthday celebrants.


Two of Don’s other press secretaries – the lovely Rebecca and beautiful Anita. Anita is not that tall, Rebecca is on a lower level.


Victoria looking stunning.

Talking of weddings, another couple I know are getting married in the very near future. I remarked this week to the bride to be that hopefully the honeymoon was not booked for Phuket, and of course foot in mouth strikes as the reply came back that actually it was. They will be glad they did not marry in December instead of January.

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