Rates up in Auckland

The Labour dominated Auckland City Council has announced it will increase rates by a massive 10%. This is of course no surprise as Labour has never found a problem it can not solve by increasing taxes or rates.

However Action Hobson, normally supportive of Mayor Bruce Hucker and Deputy Mayor Dick Hubbard, have condemned the proposed increase, suggesting a serious split is emerging. Cr Simpson says “The City Vision/Labour rate-hike plan is more about socking it to the perceived rich than about getting Auckland moving again”

I am a big fan of more spending on things like roads. But you know why not have motorists instead of home owners pay for them. I mean you don’t really see many houses driving up and down the motorways, but you do see lots of cars.

UPDATE: Aaron is suggesting Action Hobson is being insincere with their opposition, and are only objecting because they know the rates increase can pass on Hucker’s casting vote.

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