Teacher’s ethics code

I always thought would freeze over before I agreed with Ivan Snook on any education issue. However I can only commend an excellent article by him in the NZ Herald.

The bottom line is that a draft code of ethics for teachers was excellent having specific “wills” and “will nots” such as teachers will protect students from and teachers will not bonk their students.

The NZEI and PPTA could not handle there being an explicit list of things teachers may not do as this might actually lead to you know a teacher being held accountable against it. So they got the following clauses dropped:

Teachers will not expose students to embarrassment or disparagement.

* Teachers will not punish a student unnecessarily, harshly or unfairly.
* Teachers will not use information gained to disparage any family.
* Teachers will not invade a student’s without good cause
* Teachers will not deceive parents regarding the abilities or progress of their .
* Teachers will not accentuate or promote in their teaching the interests of any particular group in society.

Parents should be very worried about the extent to which the teacher unions have a strangehood on the education system, and are so obviously concerned only with protecting their union members, and not at all about protecting students or parents.

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