The Sevens

Yesterday was a scorching day in Wellington, and the perfect setting for New Zealand to win the Sevens.

Sadly I was watching it on TV, as I was meant to be in Hamilton at a conference for most of it. How is that for dedication to duty over personal pleasure [martyr music please] and then even worse as the airport was closed I am in Wellington, but with no chance of getting tickets this late.

It was great to see all the people in town though in their costumes. The Sevens are literally a two day party, in which some rugby gets played. It is incredibly good value for money and if you attend anything at the Atadium, it should be this.

They also had a huge fireworks display after the game – went for half an hour or so I would say. Living a couple of hundred metres from the stadium gave me a great view.

I am determined to attend next year. The tickets normally sell out within 60 minutes so no guarantees though.

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