Blog Readers

Computer World is complaining that my other activities may prevent me blogging as much as usual, and hence stop providing distractions to their staff.

They have stolen the term uber-blogger from Steven Heath who wants to copyright the term.

The scary thing is, if I do look at hours per week. It is around:

Curia Polling – 30 hours
Curia Other Business – 15 hours
Blumsky Campaign – 15 hours
InternetNZ – 20 hours
Blogging – 15 hours
Sleep – 35 hours
Internet stuff – 10 hours
Other Politics – 5 hours
Girlfriend – 5 hours
Family/Friends – 10 hours
Travel – 5 hours
Gym – 3 hours

And that’s the 168 hours of a week gone. That cloning idea isn’t such a bad one after all!

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