Bosses don’t create wealth?

Greg at NZ Political Comments writes that “bosses don’t create the they live off, the workers do” and compares bosses to beneficiaries, in that they both earn money from others.

I have responded with my comments on Greg’s blog. Naturally I could not disagree more.

I try not to stereotype, but Greg’s comments are all too typical of those from the left who have absolutely no idea how business actually operates. They think it is all about and Richard Branson oppressing the masses. The level of ignorance about employers is scary. Sure you get that on the right a bit also, but I know that most employers have spent many years as an employee. I used to sweep floors at Woolworths for $1.99/hr.

I have noted with amusement over the years how many raging leftie student politicians all end up working for Treasury, business lobby groups, businesses when they experience the real world.

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