Campaign Launched!

Wow, last night was great. Turnout exceeded expectations with over 300 people there. Was great to see so many from blog-land there, and also the huge number of students and younger voters.

Campaign 007a.JPG

The movie was great. I laughed even more than when I first saw it in 1997. Everyone loved the movie, and it really should be a compulsory part of political science lectures at universities.

Campaign 011a.JPG

They are eyebrows, not catapillas!

Mark’s speech (which I have included below) hit all the right spots and Don gave one of the best off the cff speeches I have seen – it really had people fizzing. Yes of course I am biased, but I did have heaps of people say it was a great event.

Campaign 012a.JPG

Afterwards a couple of dozen of the younger attendees (which I include myself as 🙂 went to a fine local drinking establishment, which was very enjoyable.

Campaign 016a.JPG

The infamous Hannah and friends!

Was a real pleasure to meet the talented Hayley Wain, to whom I had to humbly admit she beat the Councillors in her Ward whom I was helping with their re-election campaign. A very nice person.

Thanks again to all those who turned up, and a bigger thanks to those who made it happen. Oh yeah and thanks Mark for being a great candidate 🙂

Speech below:



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