Harry Potter Movie IV

Snuck out last Thursday to see the Harry Potter movie during the afternoon. It was a good movie but that is because it is based on a great book.

Three of the four HP movies, including this one, follow the book almost religiously. And as I said the books are great, so they make good movies. But never do the movies grip you, never do they fill you with suspense. They really don’t come close to say Lord of the Rings. Perhaps it is that the books are so fresh on everyone’s memories, but the third movie which didn’t follow the book so tightly, was in my opinion the best.

The movie I am really waiting for is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Yes, like many, I grew up on those books and still have the full set as a precious collection. And no I never caught on back then to the metaphors.

The trailers look great. What will be interesting is how well they capture the personalities. Lucy is the small girl filled with wonder, Edmund the troubled whiny younger brother and Peter the typical eldest responsible sibling in the books. I can’t actually recall much of a niche personality for Susan, which may be why they wrote her out in later books!

I do hope the movie does well, for I would love to see all seven books made. I see it opens in NZ the day after I get back. Wish one could book cine-lounge tickets over the Internet!

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