Crimes police will respond to?

We are getting a growing list of crimes the Police are too busy to respond to:

We already know that they are too busy to follow up on thieves, despite being caught on camera.

We today also find out that they are too busy to respond to reports of a grossly drunk driver, despite the driver being followed to make it easy for them. They passed a police car ticketing another driver for presumably speeding.

But we also find out that even being raped does not get immediate police attention, with nine rape cases in Auckland yet to be investigated.

Previously also dead bodies washed up on the beach did not get a quick response either.

So I’m really stuck as to whether there are any crimes at all that guarantee immediate police attention. Oh yeah there are three:

* Driving at 111 km/hr on an open road
* Putting up an unauthorised billboard of the PM
* Sticking up posters on a Labour Minister’s office

Anyone else had additions to either the list of crimes which do not get attention or the list of crimes which do get priority?

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