No shame at all

Peter Metcalfe has the details of what I can only term an incredible attempt by Lianne Dalziel to rewrite history and claim she never lied.

Do you remember Bill Clinton trying to argue that he did not lie when he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”, and later tried to argue having her perform oral sex on him was not “sexual relations”?

Well Ms Dalziel is arguing she said “No, they didn’t discuss it with me” instead of “No. They didn’t discuss it with me” and that the former is not a lie, while the latter is.

So TVNZ were meant to know on the basis of her oral statements that she meant there to be a comma not a fullstop after the “No”?

I don’t mind Ministers making mistakes. But the sheer inability to just say “Sorry, I was wrong” is beyond arrogance. It is contempt for the public.

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