Tapu Misa on media bias

Tapu Misa correctly states there is no media conspiracy as Winston seems to think there is, but that journalists are as much products of their religious, cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds as politicians, and possibly (I would say definitely) are more liberal as a group.

Ms Misa then goes on to prove this point, by correctly stating media credibility in the USA has had a particularly bad run of late, but amazingly only gives examples of very minor scandals which were pro-Bush and totally neglects to even mention the CBS scandal which uncovered the total abandonment of all standards of journalism by CBS in their desire to get bad publicity for Bush.

Having somehow overlooked the massive media bias in the US against Bush (less than 10% of journalists say they voted for him), Misa concludes that somehow the media are why Bush got re-elected. Umm he won in spite of the media, not because of them.

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