The Green MPs

As I promised last week, but somewhat delayed, the first of my all positive features on the MPs of a Party. Read the linked post for how this is not an endorsement, just an attempt to focus on positive things for once.

Jeanette Fitzsimons – I admire her absolute sincerity – you know she actually truly believes that what she calls for is good for people. I also admire her willingness to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. And finally her ability to almost never appear angry or ruffled.

Rod Donald – I admire Rod’s political acumen, his debating skills, his effectiveness in the MMP campaign and his membership of the anti-tie brigade!

Sue Bradford – I honestly though that Sue Bradford would be an awful MP with her background of decades of protest. She has turned out to be a very good hard working and dilgent MP who doesn’t grandstand, does the homework at select committees, and asks sensible questions reflecting she has read the submissions.

Nandor Tanczos – I like the fact Nandor doesn’t try to represent himself to be any different to what he is, I like his passion for restoratuve justice, his interest in Internet issues and also I like the fact he is actually a year older than me 🙂

Sue Kedgley – I like Sue’s enthusiasm for Wellington and local issues. I also dig she dated Kofi Annan. I also respect her deep respect and concern for protecting animals.

Ian Ewen-Street – I appreciate the fact that he also walks the walk as an organic farmer. I like his straight forward approach in the House, and I also like the fact he proved love can strike at any age, and is willing to give up politics after just two terms for his new family.

Keith Locke – I admire Keith’s courage for day after day getting up in the House and advocating his views without fear, despite the fact he knows he will get attacked by almost every other MP. I also appreciate that he will stand up for civil liberties, even if disagreeing on the details. And the odd time I have chatted to him I have found his knowledgable on Internet issues.

Metiria Turei – Anyone who can say f**k and s**t in an official press release must have a good sense of humour, and being part of troupe called the “Random Trollops”

Mike Ward – Apart from the uncanny likeness to one of my favourite ever TV characters, Dr Who (No 3), I admire his fitness (does the coast to coast in his 60s I think), his politeness and general demeanor.

I should also note that Dog Biting Men have taken up my idea, but instead done a description of the typical party supporter for each party. It is very funny, and not totally inaccurate!

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