The Young Right

On top of the publicity for “young rightists” Hannah and Kerry in the SST, Anna also chips in with her support for personal responsibility.

My favourite quotes from what is truly an inspired rant are:

“their malleable, weak, Michael-Moore-inspired insipid little brains”

“Well listen up my hippy pinko friends – free education (especially tertiary education) is absolute crap”

“I’m impatient, pretend to push the ‘open door’ button when I’m in a lift and really hit ‘close’, I find winding people up terribly amusing, and have a rather sick sense of humour – but when I make a mistake-when I screw up, I bite the bullet, admit it, and apologise. I don’t blame other people”

And yes she really does push the close button in lifts!

PS – If you think her views are somewhat harsh and to the right of Margaret Thatcher, then you should have seen the original version of her article. It was even more napalmic.

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