Quarterly Update on New Years Resolutions

Okay three months of the new year have gone by. How am I going with my ten resolutions:

1. So far so good, but up to the voters, not me.
2. Have not fallen for any new ones, but still some unresolved issues in a couple of countries.
3. Fine so far.
4. Travel plans to UK going well and am planning free accomodation with Shane, Cat, Nikki, Piper, Collette, Chris and Claire!
5. So far around 20 – 25 more hired
6. Been very busy with Internet issues (in fact too busy)
7. January was a write-off but from February on have been three times a week, and about to moveup to four times a week.
8. Hell – met and exceeded.
9. Have been in stable relationship since 27 February 🙂
10. More or less done.

Another update at end of June.

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